Two Pair Lead – In Cable

Product Description

Two Pair Lead-in Cable is used between the pillar type box (last cable distribution point) and the subscriber’s premises. This cable is based on latest specifications of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

Construction & Key Features

Conductor: Solid annealed copper, the conductor size is 0.6 mm.
Insulation: Colored High Molecular Weight Solid Polyethylene.
Twinning/Pairing: Two Colored Insulated conductors are uniformly twisted together to form a pair. Varying lay length is designed to minimize the cross talk and capacitance unbalance.
Moisture barrier inner sheath: Polyethylene compound is applied over the cable core between insulated conductors to give core a round Cross-section.
Armor: An Aluminum Tape or Copper Tape is applied in an open spiral.
Jacket: Black High Molecular weight low density polyethylene compound.

Color Coding:

The color code and respective pair shall be:

Pair no. Colour
1- Blue White
2- Green Black
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