Premium Direct Buried Cable

Product Description

Cable is used for High Tensile requirements suitable for Harsh and tough environments.

Application and Key Features

Applications: High tensile strength requirements environment, scada networks
Recommended Installation Procedure: Direct Burial
Cable Construction: Stranded Loose tube additional peripheral strength members (Aramid Yarns) (Dry Block Type)*
Fiber Count: upto 72
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.655.C
Rodent and Mechanical protection: Copolymer coated corrugated steel tape. Aramid yarns & double sheath
Physical properties: Strong mechanical characteristics, high tensile strength
*Jelly filled construction can be manufactured on customer’s request

Cross Section of Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cables

Key Specifications for Premium Direct Buried Cable

For Detailed Specifications, consult Technical Advisor of Premier Cables (Pvt) Ltd.
Specifications can be modified according to customer’s application and need.

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