Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Indoor Drop Cable

Product Description

Fiber To The Home Technology represent an attractive solution for providing high bandwidth from central office to residences and to small and medium sized businesses. It is cost effective; its simple cable structure provides ease in the network operations.

The cable is designed for Indoor Applications in FTTH configurations with low bending sensitivity fiber; it provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission characteristics. Small bending fiber’s fatigue lifetime is several hundred times longer than other standard single mode fibers.Available in 1-2 Fibers (with Standard Single Mode G.652.D Fiber) and also available in 1-2 Fibers (with Bend Insensitive Single Mode G.657 Fiber).

Application and Key Features

Applications: indoor, bend resistive ftth application
Fiber Count: upto 2 fibers
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.657
Physical properties: light weight, soft, flexible, flame retardant and bend RESISTIVE

Cross Section of (FTTH) Indoor Drop Cable

Key Specifications for (FTTH) Indoor Drop Cable

For Detailed Specifications, consult Technical Advisor of Premier Cables (Pvt) Ltd.
Specifications can be modified according to customer’s application and need.

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