Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cable

Product Description

This cable has been designed for long-haul transmission networks. The fiber count can range from 4-144. Fiber type can be G. 652, G. 655 or a combination based on customer’s needs. This types of construction fulfill all the requirements of TR109 of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) / any other required specifications. The cable construction is stranded loose tube type. The stranded loose tubes contains thixotropic jelly but the cable core is based on dry-block construction. A jelly filled version in which cable core is filled can also be offered, if required by the customers. Similarly, water penetration in the gap between inner sheathing and corrugated steel tape can be blocked by both dry block or flooding jellies depending upon the customer preference.

Application and Key Features

Applications: long-haul Transmission Networks, SCADA Networks, Metropolitan networks
Recommended Installation Procedure: Direct Burial
Cable Construction: Stranded Loose tube (Dry Block Type)*
Fiber Count: Up to 144
Fiber type: G.652.D & G.655.C
Rodent and Mechanical protection: Copolymer Coated Corrugated steel tape & double sheaths
Physical properties: good mechanical & temperature performance
*Jelly filled construction can be manufactured on customer’s request.

Cross Section of Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cables

Key Specifications for Direct Buried Cable

For Detailed Specifications, consult Technical Advisor of Premier Cables (Pvt) Ltd.
Specifications can be modified according to customer’s application and need.

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