Mr. M. Ismail Kasim

Founder - Premier Cables

Mr. M. Ismail Kasim, the man behind Premier Cables Pvt Limited was a visionary and profound businessman who believed in constant development and risk encountering.

He Matriculated from Baroda Boarding House during the years 1944 to 1947 and passed LLB Examination from S.M. Law College, Karachi. During the year 1964, Mr. Ismail laid the foundation of Premier Cables, with very minimal of resources. He shaped his vision into reality and imported high-quality cable manufacturing machineries from Japan and started the facility to manufacture Electrical Wires & Cables, Telephone Cables, PVC Garden Pipes, PVC Compounding, and Artificial Leather and also supplied the same in local and international market.

Due to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Ismail, Premier Cables Pvt Limited started exporting its quality products to the international regions, way back in the year 1968, which itself is a great achievement for the company to export cable products during that era.

His main motive was to provide the best and trusted quality products to Customer for that within a short span of time the Customer base stretched from local to International Markets.His vision was to be ranked as the leading manufacturer of Telecommunication Cables of Pakistan, which is now further expanded and carried on by his Sons, who began to work under guidance of their father, Mr. Ismail Kasim.

After the year 2000, manufacturing of Optical Fiber Cable commenced. It was Mr. Ismail’s vision which positioned the company on the right corridor and after several decades now, Premier Cables is still going smooth and consistent in maintaining the quality of their products and services, and on time delivery to the clientele.

Premier Cables (Pvt) Limited has been acknowledged by various importers around the world and have the load of various awards and certificates in the bag.
Mr. Ismail is not among us but it is his dedication, vision and strong roots that has kept the company on the verge of constant growth and sustainability.

May His soul rest in Eternal peace. Ameen

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